Changing UPPERCASE to lowercase or vise versa

Microsoft WordAny text that is in all UPPERCASE or lowercase can be changed by using the shortcut key Shift + F3.

Follow the steps below to do this using Microsoft Word.

  1. Highlight the text that you want to change from uppercase to lowercase or vise versa.
  2. Hold down the Shift Key and while holding down the Shift Key press F3.
  3. Each time you press the F3 key while holding down the Shift Key it will switch that text from UPPERCASE to lowercase and lowercase to UPPERCASE

What are the characteristics of a good computer program?

Every computer requires appropriate instruction set (programs) to perform the required task. The quality of the processing depends upon the given instructions. If the instructions are improper or incorrect, then it is obvious that the result will be superfluous.

Therefore, proper and correct instructions should be provided to the computer so that it can provide the desired output. Hence, a program should be developed in such a way that it ensures proper functionality of the computer. In addition, a program should be written in such a manner that it is easier to understand the underlying logic.

A good computer program should have following characteristics:

  • Portability: Portability refers to the ability of an application to run on different platforms (operating systems) with or without minimal changes. Due to rapid development in the hardware and the software, nowadays platform change is a common phenomenon. Hence, if a program is developed for a particular platform, then the life span of the program is severely affected.
  • Readability: The program should be written in such a way that it makes other programmers or users to follow the logic of the program without much effort. If a program is written structurally, it helps the programmers to understand their own program in a better way. Even if some computational efficiency needs to be sacrificed for better readability, it is advisable to use a more user-friendly approach, unless the processing of an application is of utmost importance.
  • Efficiency: Every program requires certain processing time and memory to process the instructions and data. As the processing power and memory are the most precious resources of a computer, a program should be laid out in such a manner that it utilizes the least amount of memory and processing time.
  • Structural: To develop a program, the task must be broken down into a number of subtasks. These subtasks are developed independently, and each subtask is able to perform the assigned job without the help of any other subtask. If a program is developed structurally, it becomes more readable, and the testing and documentation process also gets easier.
  • Flexibility: A program should be flexible enough to handle most of the changes without having to rewrite the entire program. Most of the programs are developed for a certain period and they require modifications from time to time. For example, in case of payroll management, as the time progresses, some employees may leave the company while some others may join. Hence, the payroll application should be flexible enough to incorporate all the changes without having to reconstruct the entire application.
  • Generality: Apart from flexibility, the program should also be general. Generality means that if a program is developed for a particular task, then it should also be used for all similar tasks of the same domain. For example, if a program is developed for a particular organization, then it should suit all the other similar organizations.
  • Documentation: Documentation is one of the most important components of an application development. Even if a program is developed following the best programming practices, it will be rendered useless if the end user is not able to fully utilize the functionality of the application. A well-documented application is also useful for other programmers because even in the absence of the author, they can understand it.

How to disable admin notification popup in Magento?

Every time you log in to the Magento Admin Panel, you see an admin notification popup message telling you there is a latest Magento update available. Although upgrades should never be taken lightly but sometimes this popup annoys to many of the Magento users. It’s very easy to remove this popup notification.

You have to follow three simple steps to do it:

1. Login to your Magento Admin Panel (you can see the popup message in this screenshot)

Login to your Magento Admin Panel

2. Go to System >> Configuration

disabling magento admin popup messages

3. Click on Advanced on left menu

disable popup notification on magento admin

4. Disable the Mage_AdminNotification module and click on Save Config button to save this setting

stop magento popup in startup

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How to create a Facebook Fan Page?

Facebook has become one of the world’s most popular and favourite social networks. It is a place not only  for young people but also for old fogies to connect and network. It has also become another avenue for businesses and organizations to connect, network and promote their organization.  The main way to network on Facebook is of course by creating an attractive profile or even a group, which can be a little more professional then just a profile.  However, if you really want to network and promote yours business or organization, then creating a Facebook Fan Page is the best way to do this.

You can create a Facebook Fan Page by going to this URL


A raw fan page includes a wall, feed, photos, videos and list of fans. It can be a little difficult finding on Facebook where to begin a fan page, so you’ll have to go to the main page for creating a fan page. Along with creating a fan page, it’s important to give it some personality by making it look attractive. Facebook allows you to upload a logo or photo for your fan page, but that just isn’t enough. Give your page some flare.Put a sharp graphic linking to your website or a flashy banner along the side bar that promotes a contest.

Doing something like this offers fans and potential fans a reason to not only visit your fan page often, but to also visit your company’s website or blog. When beginning a fan page, you’re given the basics, which make it look like a glorified profile page. Although this can suffice, if you really want to attract fans who don’t justconsist of your circle of friends, you’ll want to make some upgrades to your page.

Two of the most important qualities to attract new fans are making your fan page interactive and graphically appealing.

Making it interactive can easily be done with Facebook’s Application Directory that has a wide-range of applications that can be added to your page with a couple of clicks. If you have the resources, or have some experience, it’s not too hard to develop a Facebook application.

The advantage of this is that you can put your brand on the application and personalize it the way you want. I’ve seen people develop a facebook application in as quick as a few days. Putting interactive applications on your page gives users a reason to not just become fans, but to continually visit and interact on your page.

Take a stab at creating a Facebook fan page; it doesn’t cost anything and you can reap the benefits for yourself or business. Build off your page, keeping it fresh and new, so that your fans have a reason to come back to it.

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How to change Global Meta Description and Global Meta Keywords in Joomla 1.5?

Changing Global Meta Description and Global Meta Keywords in Joomla is very simple,  just 3 simple steps to follow and you are done! Please read instructions, provided in the following screen shots to change global meta data on your website.

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How to add drop-down menu in Microsoft Word 2010?

You can add drop down menus and any other form element in a Microsoft Word 2010 document very easily.

I am uploading some screen shots with each step, that you can follow to reach the drop-down option.